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Toilet paper rewinder machine

Descripton of Product:

Dot-by-dot rewinding and perforated gluing towel paper machine , this machine is to emboss on tow lays paper , glue ,combine , perforate ,rewind and cut into various kind of specifications of towel rolls according to the requested.

Glue on finished product which produced by this machine is equal, and the tension of rewind is uniformity.

This machine has the feature of compact structure, steady production ,simple and convenient  operation, less electricity consumption and covers a small area of 8.4 m² , The highest speed is 30-100M/min. This is the idea equipment for paper processing factory.

This equipment can process raw paper of 1.2m 1.75m 1.95m 2.15m 2.35m 2.55m in width. This machine is consist of stand of raw material, paper conveying unit, embossing unit, gluing unit ,perforating unit, rolling unit, electricity control and cutting system.

The production process is : unreeling —→ embossing  —→ gluing—→perforating —→ reeling—→cut.


Fuction and Features:

1.Roll with tension to produce high and low level raw paper.

2.Adopting screw turning knife to cut, knife-blade is strong enough to operate fast without noise and shaking.

3. Glue equally

4.Electric controlled counter to ensure the weight of product.

5.The equipment can be have single color printing or two color printing according to customers’ requirement.


Main technical parameter:
Model 1092 1575 2000 2200 2400 2600 2800
Width of raw material 1200mm 1750mm 1950mm 2150mm 2350mm 2550mm 2750mm
Dia.of finished product                           ¢60-150mm(the tension is adjustable)
Dia.of core of finished product                                     ¢20-50(core and coreless)
Dia.of raw material 1200mm(can accept customers’ requirement)
Dia of core of raw material                                           ¢76.2mm
Perforation distance 3 knifes 150-260mm(other specifications, please point )
Reeling speed 60-100m/min
Lamination system Combine with glue lamination roller, glue roller
Raw material holder 2 layers
Pneumatic system Pressure 5kg/cm2pa( prepared by customers)
Thickness of raw paper 35g/,m2-40g/ m2
Power 4-11kw
Overall Dimension (LXWXH):       7100X2850X1800-7100X4250X1800mm
Weight 3-5.5T
Embossment Two side embossment, steel to steel embossing(depen on selection)
Embossment bottom roller:                 Wool roller, rubber roller (depen on selection)


Tel: +86 0532 55713841   email:

Add: Xinxing industrial park,zhucheng city,shandong,China